A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


In this game, you play as the virus in an infected computer system where your main objective is to destroy its CPU! But be careful, the antivirus will scan you down and will not rest until the threat is eliminated.

Get the best score by completing each level in the shortest time possible.


  • Replicate and control dozens of viruses simultaneously
  • 11 levels of increasing difficulty and RGB variations, with more on the way
  • Some levels allow you to play on the walls and ceiling, what?
  • Use your abilities to defend yourself from the waves of antivirus, but remember to manage your energy
  • Enjoy the loneliness and compete with yourself until the online leaderboards go live!


  1. KILL antiviruses and collect their password fragments
  2. UNLOCK databases to access its files
  3. REPLICATE to increase your numbers and strength
  4. INFECT the components
  5. DESTROY the core by infecting all the connected components


  • WASD keys or directional arrows to move
  • SPACE to attack
  • F to infect components
  • Q to dash

You can use a gamepad if you like.

- Music thanks to Kevin MacLeod and Kubbi

Install instructions

Unzip the contents of the file (for your platform) to a folder and run the executable. That's it!


GoneViral (windows) 123 MB
GoneViral (linux) 126 MB
GoneViral (mac) 126 MB

Also available on


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Why can I play the 2-1 level? =(((

Anyway great game! Fun mechanics, movement just right, camera tilting almost perfect! And good music!

haha I wondered who had the "qp" url.. funny that we both make games about copying yourself :)